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new blog

i had think i start my blog in english.

So now you will found me here too. I think that will made my englisch qualifications better. I wish and hope. So today i had start to speak english in one nice forum and because that i stated this blog.


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German past

in those days i must read one bock about the german past and about one girl (named Anna) that saves one Russian. Her  brother (Felix) belove in Hitler and it was a hart time for all, her olter brother names Seff was dead because an russian had killed him. All had the same wish in this time - freedom.
The book is from the "ravesnburger" Verlag, its not the best book but it shows much things from german past.
I wouldn't read the book a 2nd time. but it was an school work so it was ok to made it.

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lots of

When i was at home from my selentium lesson because i had forgot my homework i had search on youtube and myvideo "Holly Dolly" and i had found the original video from "Loituma" it sounds very funny but i respect it because the lyrics are very complicate.
so i will show you the song i had the url found on youtube



another topic i want ride about is....the many works i must do. its rely hart to learn for all that subjects. yes. and all the homeworks and the tests. but it gave nice messages too. i had make a nice mark in my last math test. a 2, i had 4 points less to become a one. but ok. i was happy!


so that was it 4 today.


yours yuuen

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